November 27 – 29, 2020

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What are we discussing this year?

Against All Odds: Palestine Beyond 2020

This year’s theme is Against All Odds: Palestine Beyond 2020. The Palestinian people and cause will survive 2020. Despite the major setbacks we’ve faced this year due to more potential formal annexation, Arab normalization, the Trump administration’s policies, the coronavirus pandemic, Israel’s murders of Palestinians in cold blood at checkpoints, massive home demolitions in Jerusalem, and ongoing suffocating siege of Gaza, Palestine will rise against all odds. I know it’s hard to imagine now, but it will happen. Palestine will prevail AGAINST ALL ODDS.

Our nine sessions over three days will focus on the tremendous work of Palestinians in the diaspora and on the ground who continue working for this just and noble cause. The sessions will feature speakers from around the country and globally, who’ve committed themselves to different facets of this work from Black-Palestinian solidarity to analyzing the impact of the US presidential election on Palestine. This is surely going to be our most dynamic program yet!

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