Anti-Semitism & Anti-Terrorism: Zionist Tools of Repression

Israel’s war crimes, its blatant abuses of Palestinian rights, and its flagrant contravention of international law, conventions, and norms can no longer be concealed or justified. Israel realizes that it’s exposed and is attempting to crush any effort to be held accountable for its abuses and occupation. With the recent designation of the six Palestinian civil society organizations, Israeli anti-terrorism and anti-semitism laws are at best used as a distraction and at worst to criminalize, prosecute and justify the killing of Palestinians. Followed by a book signing of Miko Peled’s latest publication. Moderated by: Sana Wazwaz
November 26 @ 20:40
8:40 pm — 9:40 pm

Ballroom ED

Jonathan Kuttab, Lamis Deek, Miko Peled