Using the Keys: The Last Generation to Inherit the Nakba

Palestine is a generational issue, each generation handing over the torch of struggle for freedom, dignity, and independence to the next generation. Decades pass, generations are multiplied, and the arenas of Palestinian existence vary between historical Palestine and the diaspora, but the determination to liberate and end the Zionist aggression remains unwavering. Because of the Palestinian resilience and creativity in their struggle and in keeping the flame of freedom alive through the generations, we are closer to freedom and dignity than many think. Join a new Palestinian generation of freedom comrades. Moderated by: Deena Kishawi
November 27 @ 18:40
6:40 pm — 7:30 pm

Ballroom ED

Bassel Al Najjar, Hafsa Habehh, Osama Ahmad, Rifqa Falaneh, Tessneem Abdallah