Main Program


Thursday 11/24

3:00-4:30 pm

Ballroom ED

Film Screening

Palestine 1920, by Ashraf Mashharawi
Presenter: Alaa Abu Saman

5:00-5:50 pm

Crash Course on Israeli Apartheid

Apartheid is a serious human rights violation and a crime against humanity.However, propagandists in US media and our political discourse trivialize its meaning and application. This session is meant to elucidate its meaning within the context of settler-colonialism and why Israel is an apartheid regime.

Dr. Hani Khoury and
Nerdeen Kiswani
Moderator: Tarek Khalil

Ballroom G

عنوان المرحلة وبوصلة الأمة
د. عبدالله معروف
مدير اللقاء: علا عابد

Ballroom F

6:00-6:50 pm

The Impact of Christian Zionism: A Racist anti-Palestinian Movement

Christian Zionism is an extremist ideology that is central to undermining the Palestinian struggle for self-determination, a right guaranteed under international law and undermined by Israeli apartheid. This far-right ideology has broad effects on the entire US political system. Learn what their impact is and how do we best combat it.

Jonathan Brenneman
Moderator: Tessneem Abdallah

Ballroom G

2022: AMP’s Trailblazing Work for Palestine

2022 has been a milestone year in the history of AMP and in the history of Palestine work in America. From our campaigns to pressure Pillsbury to shut down its West Bank factory to pressuring Marvel Comics and Disney from featuring an Israeli character in the upcoming Captain America film to denying Israel entry into the Visa Waiver Program, AMP’s work has significantly expanded from grassroots mobilization to corporate accountability to national campaigns. For the first time, campaigns to pressure major US corporations such as Pillsbury and Ben & Jerry’s have resulted in the largest divestments from Israel in American corporate history. In large coalitions or on our own, AMP’s staff is working with Palestine advocates from around the globe on issues from social media censorship (Meta/Facebook) to the ethnic cleansing of Masafer Yatta – deploying multiple strategies such as political advocacy, grassroots mobilization and public education to attack all fronts of Palestine work in America. Take a look at how AMP’s team around the US is working year-round to handle a large portfolio of projects and campaigns that you can be a part of.

Zarefah Baroud, Ayah Ziyadah, Dr. Osama, Taher
Moderator: Tarek Khalil

Ballroom F


Ballroom ED



Ballroom ED

Violent Apartheid: Israeli Assault and Continued Ethnic Cleansing

Apartheid is Afrikaans for “aparthood” or “separate development.” Israel’s blockade and siege in Gaza has reached its 15th year, and the military occupation of the West Bank is in its 55th year, effectively isolating Palestinians in various areas through its “separation policy.” In light of Israel’s latest assault on Gaza, and ethnic cleansing policies in East Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank, what prospects exist to achieve justice and liberation for Palestinians?

Gideon Levy , Ramzy Baroud
Moderator: Mariam El-khatib


Ballroom ED

Film Screening & Discussion
Discussion with Bahia Amawi
Moderator: Hareth Yousef

Friday 11/25

10:15-11:15 am

Reclaiming the Palestinian Narrative, Retelling their History

The Palestinian narrative is expansive and multifaceted. However, the Palestinian story as a whole is often misrepresented and therefore must be challenged through a narration from the indigenous Palestinians who’ve experienced zionism firsthand, and suffer under Israeli apartheid and settler colonialism.

Ramzy Baroud
Moderator: Ahmad Hamdan

Ballroom G

بيت المقدس في دائرة الاهتمام
النبوي.. وإرهاصات الفتح العمري
د. عبدالله معروف
مدير اللقاء: عبدالله الراشد

Ballroom F


Palestinians in Israeli Regime Prisons:

Palestinian prisoners have long symbolized and been at the forefront of the national struggle against Israeli settler-colonialism. It is time that we recognize the often forgotten experience and resistance of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons and acknowledge Israel’s legal and punitive structures as products of colonialism and apartheid.

Zarefah Baroud
Moderator: Shahd Abouhekel

Ballroom G

هكذا سنروي تاريخنا لأبنائنا
وقفات في تاريخ فلسطين )الجزء
خالد الترعاني
مدير اللقاء: علاء ابوسمعان

Ballroom F

12:45 pm

Friday Prayer & Khutba

2:30-3:00 pm

Engaging Movements and Interfaith Groups to Advocate for Justice in Palestine

Intersectional movements have had an immense impact on Palestine solidarity. Engaging these movements in a purposeful way has advanced the cause for justice and liberation for Palestinians. This session will emphasize the importance of this effort and how to effectively employ it in our daily activism.

Sarah Nahar & Linda Sarsour
Moderator: Taher Herzallah

Ballroom G

الفلسطيني في مناطق 48 وتحدي
الهوية والنظام العنصري :
د. أحمد الطيبي
مدير اللقاء: د. محمد الناطور

Ballroom F

3:05-3:40 pm

Ballroom ED

Israeli Apartheid and the Criminalization of the BDS Movement

The most esteemed international human rights organizations, not to mention Israeli human rights organizations, determined what Palestinians have known and been experiencing since 1948, that Israel is an apartheid regime. Israeli hasbara (propaganda) works overtime to demonize, delegitimize, and criminalize activists by levying the anti-semitic charge against anyone who dares to characterize Israel as an apartheid regime. How can we further our activism and fulfill the demands of BDS in the face of these unwarranted attacks?

Dr. Hani Khoury, Nerdeen Kiswani and Fahed Abu Akel
Moderator: Tarek Khalil

3:40-4:00 pm

Ballroom ED

Academic Censoring of Palestine – Ethnic Studies and Curriculum Reform Battles

Academic freedom and free speech are fundamental democratic principles, yet they’re under attack in academic settings. As polls shift toward favoring Palestinian rights, especially with the younger generation, so does censorship of Palestinian voices, and a critical analysis of Israeli apartheid. How do we maneuver and combat the rise in censorship, repression, and harassment campaigns against academics and students?

Dr. Hatem Bazian
Moderator: Noor Ali

4:00-4:10 pm

Ballroom ED

Barriers to Palestine in Formal Academic Constructs

What are the barriers that have been placed in the educational sector from P-12 to eliminate the Palestinian narrative? This session will discuss the formal constructs that are keeping schools from creating accurate mirrors and windows for Palestinian students. It will interrogate the larger societal impact of these barriers in the general American context. Attend this session to consider ways to interrupt this work within your locus of control as a parent or community member.

Dr. Sawsan Jaber
Moderator: Noor Ali

4:10-4:40 pm

Ballroom ED

Zionist Myths and Propaganda

Israel relies on various myths to maintain its settler-colonial project and further entrench its apartheid regime and military occupation. These myths are used as a propaganda tool to dehumanize Palestinians and entrench their subjugation. The more we learn about these myths, the more we can diminish their impact.

Dr. Ilan Pappe
Moderator: Sana Wazwaz

Book signing by Dr Hani Khoury: Giving Up Is Not An Option: Memoirs of a Palestinian American
Book Signing by Ramzy Baroud and Ilan Pappe: Our Vision For Liberation: Engaged Palestinian
Leaders & Intellectuals Speak Out

6:20-6:45 pm

Ballroom ED

The Fight for Palestine: America in Focus

The fight for a free Palestine is multifaceted, and requires different strategies and tactics in different arenas. This session will focus on the American front to this fight, exploring the cultural and political contexts that inform our messaging and advocacy here in the United States. We will also tackle the Israel lobby’s efforts and discussing how to effectively counter them, with the ultimate goal being a shift in American media and public discourse, and more critically in Washington’s policy, away from unconditional military and diplomatic funding for Israel’s occupation and apartheid, and towards support for Palestinian freedom and human rights.

Dr. Osama Abuirshaid
Moderator: Ayah Zyadeh

6:45- 7:15pm

Ballroom ED

The State of Al-Aqsa

Palestinians in East Jerusalem face home demolitions, ethnic cleansing, and other forms of restrictions and forced displacement, severely damaging the sociocultural, political, and economic fabric of Palestinian society. From Jewish settlers storming Al-Aqsa compound, to Israeli forces barricading several gates leading to Al-Aqsa, thereby disallowing Palestinian access, zionist violence continues unabated, and without accountability. What policies are entrenching Israel’s apartheid regime in the Holy City, and how do we combat it?

Dr. Ahmad Tibi, Dr. Abdallah Marouf, Fahed Abu Akel and Dr. Osama Abuirshaid
Moderator: Mohamad Nasir

7:15-7:30 pm

Ballroom ED

Apartheid as Means to an End: The Colonization of Palestine along Business Lines

As the discourse around apartheid became more a part of the mainstream narrative today, it’s important to note that apartheid as a system is a means to an end. The interplay between the various elements of corporate power incentivizes the perpetuation of the colonization project in Palestine along business lines, and allows Israel to maintain its apartheid regime. We must challenge this process, but first we must understand it.

Wesam Ahmad
Moderator: Tessneem Abdallah

7:30-8:00 pm

Ballroom ED

Understanding the Palestine Coalition Landscape – Local and National

Coalition building is essential to intersectional solidarity. Marginalized communities share a common cause and therefore struggles for justice and liberation are more effective when different communities work collectively. The merger of causes creates a shared purpose and a more powerful voice to effect social, political, and economic change in the US, Palestine, and elsewhere.

Sarah Nahar, Beth Miller and Rev. Donald Wagner
Moderator: Taher Herzallah

8:00-8:40 pm

Ballroom ED

Impact of Midterm Elections: Reshaping The Political Landscape

The political landscape is shifting in the direction of support for Palestinian rights. From members of Congress to State Representatives and more, Palestinian rights can no longer be ignored. To speak of the Palestinian experience as one of apartheid and settler-colonialism is no longer anathema.

Sam Rasoul, Dr. Manal Fakhoury, Iman Joudeh, Ruwa Romman, and Dr. Osama Abuirshaid
Moderator: Manal Fakhoury

8:40-9:00 pm

Ballroom ED

Challenging The Normalization Agenda

Normalizing apartheid only feeds into the narrative Palestinian lives do not matter. Interfaith dialogue in the context of settler-colonialism, occupation, and apartheid is not solidarity, it is normalizing oppression. We must challenge such normalization efforts, and call for an inclusive interfaith agenda that is rooted in transformative and restorative human horizons that challenges global injustices.

Dr. Hatem Bazian and Beth Miller
Moderator: Malak Shalabi

9:30 pm

Ballroom ED

Women Only Entertainment

Saturday 11/26

10:15 -11:10 am

Literacy for Liberation: The Impacts of Nonexistent
Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors in P-12 Schools

School curriculum can colonize the mind. This session will address the impacts of the lack of representation and misrepresentation of Palestine and Palestinians in P-12 schools and in academic spaces in general. What does the intentional erasure of the narrative look like and where do we begin to advocate and change the narrative in schools.

Dr. Sawsan Jaber
Moderator:Amira Daoud

Ballroom G

كيف ظهر صلاح الدين؟ وكيف
حرر بيت المقدس؟
زياد حمدان
مدير اللقاء: علا عابد

Ballroom F


Effective Advocacy for
Palestinian Rights:. Tools, Tips,
and Instructions

Dr. Manal Fakhoury, Lesley Williams and Ayah Ziyadeh
Moderator: Jana Daoud

Ballroom G

Palestinian American
Medical Association
PAMA: Nine Years
of Service and
Fostering the Future of
Palestinian Health Care

Dr. Yousef Khelfa
Moderator: Ahmad Hamdan

Ballroom F

هكذا سنروي تاريخنا لأبنائنا
وقفات في تاريخ فلسطين )الجزء
خالد الترعاني
مدير اللقاء: علاء أبوسمعان

Ballroom ED

2:30-3:05 pm

The International Criminal
Court: The Inclusion of the
Crime Against Humanity of

The International Criminal Court (ICC) decided to proceed with an investigation of Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity. However, the prosecutor’s investigation does not include the crime against humanity of apartheid. This session will explore the contours of the ICC’s impact on Israeli accountability.

Wesam Ahmad
Moderator: Tarek Khalil

Ballroom G

Endurance and Evidence: What it Takes to Fight
for the Rights of Palestinians and Palestinian
Nonprofits in Federal Courts

Dr. Hatem Bazian, Christina Jump, Alyssa Morrison, Arshia Ali-Khan
Moderator: Othman Ata

Ballroom F

3:10-3:30 pm

Ballroom ED

سوريا الجريحة … احدى عشرة سنة من عمر الثورة السورية في الميزان
غسان هيتو
مدير اللقاء: د. محمد الناطور

3:30-4:00 pm

Ballroom ED

Vision for liberation: Centering a Palestinian Disource of Liberation and Articulating
New Possibilities

The discourse on Palestine often omits the Palestinian narrative, and removes the Palestinian struggle for justice and liberation as the fundamental element of that discourse. We need a vision for Palestine that incorporates a framework for liberation from the perspective of the oppressed.

Ilan Pappe and Ramzy Baroud
Moderator: Mariam El-khatib

4:00-4:20 pm

Ballroom ED

The US-Israel “Special Relationship” & its Impact on US Foreign Policy

The US-Israel “special relationship” reached new heights with the 2016 Memorandum of Understanding, which promised $38 billion in military aid, and moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, and recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. As the largest cumulative recipient of US aid, Israel has been able to maintain its apartheid system through this unrequited relationship.

Gideon Levy
Moderator: Malak Shalabi

4:20-4:40 pm

Ballroom ED

ReaffirminI indigenous Identity & Challenging Israel Apartheid

Palestinians in 1948 Palestine are referred to in zionist discourse as “Israeli-Arabs,” completely divorcing the Palestinian ancestral connection to Palestine. Apartheid is a matter of degree, and Israel cleverly implements its regime of apartheid in Israel. It’s important that we expose this regime and reaffirm Palestinian indigeneity in al of Palestine.

Dr. Ahmad Tibi
Moderator: Mohammad Nasir

5:45-6:05 pm

Ballroom ED

Defying Israeli Apartheid: Speaking Truth to Power

Summoning enough courage to do what’s right is not always easy. Challenging the dominant narrative spewed by corporate media is an arduous task, but change can only occur through struggle. Exposing Israel’s system of oppression and racial domination of the Palestinian people can be a fireable offense, but if no one speaks out for justice, how can we bring an end to injustice?

Katie Halper
Moderator:Taher Herzallah

6:05 -6:25 pm

Ballroom ED

My Return to Alquds:Reasserting my Indigenous Right

Palestinian existence is the best form of resistance. Come and listen to personal accounts and why it’s important to reassert our indigeneity in our ancestral homeland.

Mohammad Abbasi
Khalid Turaani
Moderator: Sayel Kayed

6:25-7:15 pm

Ballroom ED

US Domestic Political Landscape: National Advocacy Plan for 2023 and Beyond

The Palestinian people are systematically oppressed by Israeli settler-colonialism, apartheid, and military occupation. We have a special obligation in the United States to lobby for Palestinian rights, and help to uplift candidates for political office that are willing to take on the fight for justice. We must understand the political climate, and collectively strategize to shift US policy toward supporting Palestinian rights.

Dr. Osama Abuirshaid, Dr.Hatem Bazian, Nehad Awad, Linda Sarsour, Ousama Jammal and Othman Ata
Moderator: Munjed Ahmad

8:30 pm

Ballroom ED


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