Virtual Bazaar

Halal Socks

Halal Socks has been celebrating Muslim culture and pride through colorful socks, custom-designs, and meaningful collaborations. Halalsocks is unveiling a brand new Palestinian Keffiyeh inspired pairs of socks, which is being featured first here at the AMP Virtual Convention.

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Keffiyeh Masks

Keffiyeh Masks is a socially responsible brand made in Palestine to support Palestinian families/workers and non-profits in the United States.

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Interlink Publishing

Established in 1987, Interlink Publishing is a Palestinian-owned, Massachusetts-based independent publishing house that offers a global, cosmopolitan perspective. Our list is devoted to literature, history, contemporary politics, art, cultural guides, international cuisine, and illustrated children’s books from around the world. We offer a large selection of books on Palestine and/or by Palestinian writers. 

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