Youth Competition


Theme: Tied Through Apartheid. Palestinians living all over Palestine, are connected through one thing: Apartheid. Whether they are from the West Bank, Occupied Territories, or Gaza they all have similar experiences. The theme for this years’ youth competition is Tied Through Apartheid to showcase the similar experiences Palestinians face no matter where they live. Although apartheid separates Palestinians, they continue to band together no matter what walls are put between them.

Competition Categories

Poetry / Spoken Word


Video / Documentary


1st: $500 | 2nd: $300 | 3rd: $150

Rules & Regualtions

  • Deadline to submit final product for review is Sunday November 20th, 2022
  • Competition will be held during the convention
  • Participant’s age: 14-18 (High School Student ONLY)
  • Prizes will be announced during the convention
  • Winners should be present to claim their prizes


This is sponsors by AMP Convention

How to Enter

All submissions need to be sent via email at

(1) Video/Documentary/Short Film

  • Criteria: Video, short film, or documentary
  • Video’s length 2-5 minutes
  • Subtitles (Arabic & English) are encouraged but not required
  • Collaboration is allowed
  • Final product will be judged by style, content, originality, and how well they stayed within the theme etc.

(2) Poetry / Spoken Word

  • Criteria: A self-composed poem or spoken word
  • Length should be 1-3 minutes long
  • Contestants will be asked to present a hard copy of their poem/spoken word by November 26th to ensure there is no plagiarism and material is appropriate
  • Poem/Spoken word will be judged by style, content, originality, flow, and how well they stayed within the theme etc.

(3) Art/Painting/Picture

  • Criteria: Painting or picture
  • Must be a completely original piece
  • When submitting art piece, a picture of the piece or scan can be sent to the submission email
  • Will be judged on creativity, originality, concept, quality, and how well they stayed within the theme, etc

Agreement to Official Rules

Participants in the competition constitute entrants and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of the official rules and the decisions of the sponsor, which are final and binding. Sponsors have the right to decline any participants without reasoning if they feel work does not fit their criteria and values that they uphold. Winning a prize is contingent upon being compliant with the official rules and fulfilling all other requirements set forth herein. Winning participants waive their copyright to their work and permits sponsors to showcase in their current or future events.